The Breweries

Dunedin Brewery


As the oldest microbrewery in Florida, we are committed to two great  challenges: satisfying our thirst for a well-crafted brew and fulfilling  the need to contribute to a strong, vibrant community. Sláinte!

937 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin.

7venth Sun Brewing


Belgian-style beer, IPAs, second use spirit barrel aged beer, oak aged sour beer.

1012 Broadway, Dunedin.

HOB Brewing Co.


The Hob Brewing Co is located at 931 Huntley Ave, with the tasting room at  the Dunedin House of Beer, just across the street at 927 Broadway,  Dunedin, FL.

Cotherman Distilling Co.


An Artisan Craft Distillery in beautiful downtown Dunedin, producing vodka, gin & whiskey.

933 Huntley Avenue, Dunedin.

Cueni Brewing Co.


"A dream fulfilled, we're from Ohio but dreamed of living near water  & never seeing snow again. Our brewery is also our last name Cueni,  pronounced Q-knee."

945 Huntley Avenue, Dunedin.

Woodwright Brewing Co.


Located adjacent to The Dunedin Woodwright in downtown Dunedin. Specializing in European beer styles.

985 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin.

Caledonia Brewing


Craft Brewery located in the historic Dunedin Times Building on Main St  in Dunedin, Fl. Proudly serving 18 of our own hand crafted beers, local  guest taps, wine and cider.

587 Main Street, Dunedin.

Soggy Bottom Brewing Co.


We are 3 local bartenders with a dream of building a fun and tasteful  brewery. Our goal is to provide amazing hand-crafted beer with  entertainment.